Gardens By The Bay, Singapore.

Visited on 03/12/2018

Gardens of the Bay is a colorful, futuristic park in the bay area of Singapore. It was built as a part of the strategy of turning Singapore from a ‘Garden city’ to the ‘City in a garden’ and aims at focusing the attention on enhancing the quality of life by improving the greenery and flora in cities.

We went to the gardens right after the airport since its only a few minutes drive from the airport.

Here are some pictures of me and my beautiful friends enjoying the Gardens:



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Oh, by the way I’d love to appreciate our Singaporean tour guide who didn’t want to have any pictures taken of her at all. She was very pleasant anyway and very informative; giving us very detailed facts about all the places we visited and those that we couldn’t due to unavoidable circumstances.

While we were there I got to learn a lot about the gardens and see some really cool plants and structures and all that.

The following are the main attractions at Gardens by the Bay

The flower dome

This is a cool dry conservatory and replicates the Mediterranean climate including parts of Africa, some parts of Italy and Spain. Aside from that, it also offers a spectacular skyline of Marina Reservoir. Boasting of plants and flowers from all over the globe, it is full of baobab and bottle trees.


Super tree Groove 

The Super trees are super tall trees with 25 to 50 meters in height. They provide the much needed shade during the day and offer a mesmerizing illuminated display of lights at night. Serving as a beautiful venue for many events, the Super tree Groove canopies are a major attraction for the tourists.



Cloud forest

Replicating the cool climate from high up in the mountains, Cloud Forest is a knowledge powerhouse for a better understanding of the rare flora gems, different vegetation and the disappearing rare plants.

cloud forest.jpg


The Children’s Garden

One of the most loved attractions of the Gardens by the Bay, the Children’s Garden consists of trampolines, hanging bridges, balancing beams and a lot more kid friendly attractions. Suitable for all ages from 1 to 12 years of age, The Children’s Garden is an ideal family attraction located near the adventure trail and treehouse.

childrens garden.jpg


The OCBC skyway

It’s hard to match the view and the experience to walk on the 22-meter-tall and unbelievably beautiful Super tree skywalks. At these height visitors are not only surrounded by exceptionally beautiful Garden but also the vistas of the Marina Bay.


Clearly, Gardens by the bay is a charmingly beautiful garden and an exceptionally tourist destination to visit and hands down the world’s most revered man-made tropical garden.

Thank you for reading! This one was a bit more detailed with more pictures, hope you enjoyed! More blog posts on the way.

Also thank you to all who’ve been sending me feedback through email, highly appreciated.






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