Changi Airport, Singapore.

Landed on 02/12/2018.

The flight from Kenya, JKIA, took approximately 12 hours, 5 hours from Kenya to Dubai where we connected flights and 7 hours from Dubai to Singapore.


These pictures were taken in Dubai when we landed to connect our flight to Singapore

Changi Airport which is said to be THE WORLD’ BEST proved to be well deserving of the title as soon as we landed.

The first thing that caught my attention was definitely the sudden temperature change because the interior of planes are often quite chilly because of the air conditioning I’m assuming. The air in Singapore was very warm and thick with precipitation. It was very humid and if I were to compare the heat there to Mombasa’s, it’s actually way hotter there.



When we got to the airport, we didn’t get a chance to see all the amazing things about the airport, but our tour guide told us some pretty interesting details about the airport and I found out the rest from the internet.

Here are some of the coolest things  about Singapore’s Changi airport;

  • The airport has a large underground mall
  • The roads leading to and away from the airport have portable flower pots that can be moved within minutes to create a runway in case of an emergence landing.
  • The airport has a moving, hypnotizing sculpture called Kinetic Rain. And someone tried to steal parts of it.
  • Changi Airport is home to the first airport-based butterfly garden in the world.
  • Travelers can catch global movies for free at theaters located in Terminals 2 and 3.
  • Changi Airport offers many green spaces in its terminals, including the Cactus, Water Lily, Orchid, and Sunflower gardens.
  • Changi Airport’s Terminal 3 is home to The Slide@T3, the country’s tallest slide and the world’s tallest slide located in an airport. The slide, which is four stories tall, allows users to reach speeds of up to 6 meters per second.
  • Changi Airport is home to art installations in all four terminals.

These are only some of the amazing features at the airport, most of which, unfortunately, we didn’t get to see or experience personally.

That’s all I have on Changi Airport, Singapore. I do hope you enjoyed reading this blog post that is about three months late now (my apologies).


Thanks for viewing!



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