Happy Global Warming Season!


On the 28th of February it was so warm that sleeping with clothes on was out of question.

Barely a week later the rain and cold weather that struck was hardly believable.

it was a spectacle.

Rain fell along with hail stirring up excitement among the many Nairobian ‘born taos’ / town bred human beings whop hadn’t yet encountered, let alone imagined the occurrence of hail in Nairobi. Wow. Crazy.

It was also pretty much interesting watching the many perky teenagers and self imposed ‘slay queens’ marvel at ‘ice cubes falling from the sky’ as one put it. ‘A Christmas miracle come early’ said another. Or maybe late? We cant quite tell.

It’s 21st March and it’s still quite cold. The rain falls, either a drizzle or a downpour (nope no hail yet) and the sun still shines, once in a while, either to warm our nearly frost bitten fingers or to scorch our scalps and foreheads. You can never be sure about the weather anymore. you might as well carry a raincoat and some sunscreen as well as you leave the house haha..

and who do we have to blame for this, you may ask?

(Well my answer would be ourselves)

But ask anyone- literally, anyone- and the answer, very simple and clear, will always be one: Global Warming.

Even for those that can’t exactly define global warming.

So until we come up with a better reason.

Happy Global Warming Season!!!


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