CHANGE is good….



“The process of fundamental change in the human personality involving the dissolution and replacement of everyday ego and consciousness.

A spontaneous attempt of the psyche to heal itself of unbearable inner conflict by melting down and then being reborn in a more adaptive form.

A psychotic breakdown that could be understood as an existential crisis occurring as an attempt of self reparation.

The abandonment of the scripted false self for a more open one.

A process marked by a mixture of intensity, despair, depression, self surrender and encounter within inner void.”

Change is good… for anyone and in whatever way. POSITIVE change in perspective, change in heart, just any change. As long as it’s change; is healthy and though hard to accept and embrace, its necessary.

Sometimes everything just becomes too much. Coming from a 16 year old you probably wouldn’t take this that much seriously, but I do know and I do understand that some aspects in life could become unbearably overwhelming.

And in such cases, change, whichever it may be is really advisable to bring in.

It could be change in environment. Sometimes you just need a change in the places you go to and the people you see every day.

Now because this is a Travel blog, it would be really helpful if I gave you a couple of recommendations on where exactly you could go if you wanted a change.

But maybe you’re a 16 year old, just like me, or relatively a teenager so-so. And you cant afford to even take a train to the coast haha and cool down.

I would then advise you to just relax.

I’m working on a list of ways to….cope.

It gets better.

Trust me.

Stay tuned to my next blog posts for more of this.

I love you all.




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